Fender to launch a guitar named after musician Ehsaan Noorani

Neighbours in Bandra, Ehsaan Noorani and Jasbeer Siingh have a topic to discuss over the fence. Jasbeer is a distributor for Fender guitars in India and Ehsaan, a self-confessed “Fenderholic”. The musician collects Fenders as he finds them suited for performances involving a broad spectrum of genres. “With a Fender, I can switch from a Bollywood song to Blues,” says Ehsaan, who was in the city recently for the launch of a line of Fenders that costs between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 1,00,000, at Saptaswara Musicals.

Over-the-fence conversations between the Bandra neighbours gave birth to a project that has permanently linked Ehsaan's name with Fender. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is custom-making a guitar for him. Following delivery of the made-to-order Fender to Ehsaan, the Corporation will mass-produce and market the guitar as Ehsaan Noorani Squier.

Incorporating many features of the Fender Stratocaster, the guitar has a shape that will suit Ehsaan. He believes that unlike guitars designed with Westerners' hands in mind; this one will suit any Indian guitarist. At Saptaswara Musicals, Ehsaan came face-to-face with the man designing the Ehsaan Noorani Squier, Chris Gill, who is marketing manager for Squier, at Fender.

Chris and Ehsaan go a long way and were meeting in person after 25 years. The two had studied together at the Arizona Musicians' Institute and got along famously. Chris admits his eyes turned moist “when I saw Ehsaan today”.

Jasbeer says promotion of the Ehsaan Noorani Squier in India will involve roadshows across the country.

M. Natwarlal of Saptaswara Musicals plans to advertise the Fender line through a music school the group is planning to start in Anna Nagar. “We'll organise weekly concerts with reputed city bands targeting the young,” says Nikhil Murli, who partners with his father Natwarlal in running the music store.