Cinema: The story from Ramayana gets another makeover with a shot at big screen.

A generation which sources its daily dose of information, entertainment and the rest from television, it is no exaggeration to say even education about mythology happens through the telly. The unprecedented success of Hanuman and Ganesha have prompted many producers to introduce more characters and episodes from the mythologies. The latest is Lava Kusa, whose exploits have inspired producer Shashank to bring it alive on screen. Director Davala Satyam who has 22 Telugu films, a Kannada and a Tamil film to his credit has painstakingly created a spectacular affair that promises non-stop fun and education. Lava Kusa are treated as two characters and the entire Ramayana is narrated in between.

Writer Balabadrapatruni Ramani says there is nothing to learn from the lives of the twins. They are cute and it's a highly commendable aspect that instead of being raised in the luxury of a kingdom they spend their childhood amongst sages, amidst nature and become experts in archery.

Director Satyam says Ramayan is a known story so they have not made any experiments on the content but focused on the children and showed them as exemplary warriors. RTV's animation college Race and their studio RVML put in four and a half years, and spent Rs. 25 crore to bring out picture that is on par with international standards Adds Satyam, “Lion Kingtook five years to be completed and Avtarhad gone to the sets as soon as Titanicwas released. It takes time to get perfection. We worked on the script for one a half year and around 400 people worked for over three years to bring it into shape.”

Music plays a major role in recreating the mood and enhancing the film. L. Vaidyanathan who worked on Pushpaka Vimanamand Malgudi Dayscomposed the tunes for Lava Kusa. There are five songs in this film out of which three of them will narrate Ramayan. The wars are fought between the twins and Shatrughana, Lakshmana and Rama respectively and the battle is supposed to be very attractive with arrows striking and outwitting each other in the open sky in vibrant colours and fast moving frames and great sound effects. The lip-synching work was the most difficult part of the project as care had to be taken to see that there is no awkwardness when the character speaks the respective language. Lava Kusa is being released in summer in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English and promises great wit and wisdom and a great viewing experience for all age groups.