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Saturday, Apr 16, 2005

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Most like it, some don't...

For the second day, readers let us know what they think of the new look of The Hindu .

Dressed to kill

My God, The Hindu looks as though it is dressed to kill. I had a hunch that you were up to something but never expected it to happen so soon.

The Hindu came as a pleasant surprise on the Tamil New Year Day. I felt I was reading Los Angeles Times or the Chicago Tribune. Mario Garcia has done a neat job with surgical precision.

A. Vamshi Krishna,
Gudivada, A.P.
The Hindu is now on a par with the Washington Post or The Times of London. The Hindu is not just a newspaper; it is part of our family. Kudos to Mr. Garcia, his deputy, Jan Kny, and the rest of the team.

S. Srinivasan,

What a surprise to return from Germany and find The Hindu clad in a new outfit! Congratulations to all involved in the design.

Gabriele Landwehr,

The get-up is good, and the print more easily readable. For us, aged crossword buffs, the new design is more pleasing and nicely spaced.

V. Sethuraman,

The new look is exceptionally different and interesting. All of a sudden I felt like reading the whole paper. The Hindu no doubt has set a new trend.

Anna David,
Coonoor, T.N.

I was lucky

I live in my village Chettippunniyam. I read The Hindu once a week or 10 days when my people send me the back issues from Chennai. Luckily, I came home on New Year's Day. The new look is excellent.

V.R. Rajamani,
Chettippunniyam, T.N.

The newspaper is more reader friendly, soothing to the eyes and interesting. Project redesign is a job well done.

Neha Kant,
New Delhi

The news is eye catching and user friendly, suitable for all ages and all classes of people.

R. Haripriya,

Mr. Garcia and his team deserve a special word of praise. The modular layout, the soothing colours and the changes in the editorial and op-ed pages are good.

Lt. Col. (retd.)

R.V.S. Mani,
Madurai, T.N.


Giving colour to the masthead and a face-lift to The Hindu is a well-considered decision, and in keeping with the times. The all-round changes are expected to go down well even with those who are initially reacting with disappointment and resentment.

The edit page cartoon, if it is going to be a daily feature, is most welcome and takes me down memory lane to the days when the edit page cartoon by Bireswar in the National Herald and R. Banerjee in The Pioneer used to delight us every day.

M.C. Joshi,

The grand old lady of Mount Road is shining in her new attire. No freckles, no wrinkles. She is a picture of glowing bloom in mature wisdom and is cheerfully vibrant as a cherubic bride!

S. Krishnan,

The Hindu looks really cool. It is classy, with a style of its own. Presentation is an important ingredient. And the new presentation is really contemporary. Earlier it did not attract young readers like me but this elegant and stylish look is an eye-catcher.

Moina Khan,
New Delhi

It was insightful to read the interview with Mr. Garcia — a man who has designed 450 newspapers round the world. His words "The way of the future: smaller" will hopefully come true.

Loy Manohar Fernandes,

New Year gift

The presentation of the new design on the New Year Day was great.

Vai. Narayanan,

The Hindu has flamboyantly and fashionably introduced the new design and thrilled the readers. Undoubtedly, the distinct improvement will beckon new readers to the daily.

Parvez Ismail Syed,
Tiruchi, T.N.

Congratulations on bringing in a grand look both in design and content.

Meti Mallikarjun,
Shimoga, Karnataka

The Hindu deserves praise for adopting the new format. This is the demonstration of its capacity to adapt to new changes, casting aside conservatism of the old days.

K. Seshadri,

The attractive new design will definitely attract the young readers. Also, I hope The Hindu will continue its style of journalism, and uphold social responsibility.

Krishna Rao,

The refreshingly new look of The Hindu is definitely pleasant. Mr. Garcia and his team have done an awesome job. Reading the paper has become more enjoyable.

S. Udaya Sankar,
Maraimalai Nagar, T.N.

The bright new design is no strain on our eyes. Hope your commitment to the content remains the same as ever.

P. Subas Chandra Bose,
Tiruchi, T.N.

Elegant & stylish

The overall get-up and the page design are indeed elegant, stylish and contemporary. It is aesthetically very appealing. The chronicle font is soothing to the eye.

G. Gururaj,

I like the new look. But I wonder whether you should have highlighted the finer aspects of the design in the supplement. Don't you think your competitors will make use of the information for which you paid money? Anyway, keep up the good work.

R. Venkatesan Iyengar,

The new look is fantastic. As Mr. Garcia has stated, it is easy on the eyes. The selection of the font is yet another hallmark.

By undertaking such changes periodically, you have sent out a clear message that The Hindu will not rest on its past laurels.
V.S. Jayaraman,

The much-awaited facelift has come at the appropriate time. The design is attractive and catchy; the typeset is more clear and readable; and the captions are bold and impressive.

K.S. Lokesh,

I think the "contemporary, yet classical" soul of your newspaper has remained intact with the fresh new look. But this change should not affect the serious journalism that has been the hallmark of the paper.

Vivek Khanna,
Gurgaon, Haryana

The redesign effected after the paper crossed the one-million mark in paid-up circulation is unique in that it achieved the milestone without a major re-haul.

M. Sivasubramaniam,
Thanjavur, T.N.

Another milestone

The new design is another feather in the cap of The Hindu that has a rich history of journalistic excellence. Mr. Garcia and his team deserve appreciation for the excellent work.

I am happy you have provided a working space for the crossword and thanks for introducing a crossword puzzle in the Metroplus section.

K. Murlidar,

Congratulations on introducing an attractive and effective design. I wish you all the best.

B. Govindarajalu,

The new look paper was just what we all wanted to survive "at home, at work and in the city or town." It was also thoughtful of you to have brought out a supplement explaining the significance of the changes made.

V. Ramaswamy,
Coonoor, T.N.

The Hindu has always had a tradition: of being unbiased and truthful. As long as this tradition is maintained, nothing will impair its growth. A redesign is part of the modernisation process.

S. Venugopalan,

Beginning with the masthead, the paper really wears a new look. I particularly welcome the introduction of the op-ed page. The increased space for Letters to the Editor is good but will the length of your celebrated editorials, which deal with a given development, shrink?

M.K.D. Prasada Rao,
Ghaziabad, U.P.

The new look paper appears neat. The positioning of columns, readable fonts, etc., give you the chance to demonstrate your creativity. Change cannot be avoided; it provides the opportunity to innovate.

K. Ramesh,

The new get-up is attractive on the whole and soft on the eye. There is not much of a change in the way news is presented. While advertisements in colour will definitely fetch more revenue, some of the multi-coloured ads are jarring and loud.

K. Parthasarathi,

The Hindu , in its "new clothes" looks or rather tastes like the proverbial "old wine in new bottle." The contents are as good as ever but the form is more attractive.

S. Sundara Srinivasan,

Congratulations on the new look. However in its quest for being contemporary, the newspaper should not lose its exclusivity of presenting news faithfully, in detail and without fear.

R. Sundara Vadivel,
New Delhi

The sari-clad auntyji from Mount Road looks very good and still recognisable in a smart T-shirt and slacks.

S. Ramachander,

Most welcome

The best part of the new look has been the enhancement of the editorial content in the form of the op-ed page.

At a time when national newspapers have started reducing coverage of national news and analysis, The Hindu 's effort to enhance this coverage is most welcome.
P.N. Viswanathan,

I wish you had changed your logo into colour or reduced the size. Headline fonts could have been more rounded to grab attention from at least 20 feet away. It is always nice to see a new look. I hope to see an improved web version too soon.

Afsar Mohiuddin,
New York

Initially I was horrified to see the new look. After I read it for 10 minutes, the paper looked nice. But pictures on the editorial page take away the intellectual look. Overall, an enjoyable fare.

C. Gokulnath,


As a regular reader of The Hindu for over 40 years, I was bewitched by the new look. Mr. Garcia's vision and understanding of the vox populi has enhanced the reputation of the newspaper.
K. Shanker,

I was astonished by the new look of my newspaper. It opens up new vistas of hours of reading in tranquillity.

Sujith Varghese Abraham,
Alayamon, Kerala

I am happy to see The Hindu in a new look containing the news features, analysis, and comment for the benefit of readers in a more effective manner. Could you please reintroduce the Folio?

G. Hanumantha Rao,

The Hindu has been in the habit of taking its readers by surprise. The new look paper its readers received on Tamil New Year's day was in keeping with this tradition.

It appears to be lengthier and heavier with more in-depth news coverage. However, it may take some time for readers to get accustomed to the new format.

S. Janakiraman,

The Hindu has been transformed from a Kanjeevaram sari-clad lady into a young woman wearing modern dress. The font is easy on the eye and the whole paper blends tradition with modernity.

Philip Joshua,

Pleasant surprise

It was a pleasant surprise to receive an elegant and classic newspaper on the morning of April 14. The redesign is pleasing to the eye and attracts readers to devote considerable time to the paper.

The credit for bringing a new look to the 126-year-young paper goes to Mr. Garcia and the whole team of The Hindu .

S.S.R.K. Raju,
Visakhapatnam, A.P.

Young and peppy

Great job on the new look! The classic national newspaper of India suddenly looks young and peppy. It is visually appealing and best of all, soothing to the eyes.

Amith Surendran,

About six years ago, The Hindu underwent a similar redesign. But this one is much closer to international standards. I like the font used for the lead story on every page and the use of different headline sizes indicating a clear order of news items.

The colour palette is very trendy. The use of white space and the masthead in blue is pleasing to the eye. The best part of the redesign is that it has created more space for Letters to the Editor.

B.S. Ramakrishna,

Like the freshness of spring, the new look is refreshing. This has been the most comprehensive change that has been attempted at one go. Well done!

A. Thillai Rajan,

What an excellent presentation! I find only your newspaper catering to the needs of a wide range of readers.

Niranjan Kumar Singh,
Gorakhpur, U.P.

A new era

The new look is excellent. The new fonts, layout and hierarchy of stories beckon young readers like me to read the newspaper without fail. The new look will mark the dawn of a new era.

V.V. Sowmya,

The new design of our old paper took me by total surprise. There is no doubt that this is a refreshing change. You have endorsed the adage that change is the only constant thing.

N. Ramesh,

There is no doubt that you think globally and act locally.

K.H. Krishnan,
Shencottah, T.N.

I am extremely happy to receive The Hindu with a new and delightful look. Congratulations to all of you.

M.Z. Akhtar,
Moradabad, U.P.

The new design is very refreshing and has placed the paper on a par with international papers. Well done!

Bejoy Thomas,

In my opinion, the old format was good. The fonts were bold. Anyway, if most people welcome the new look, it may be continued.

A. Jainulabdeen,

No two opinions

There can be no two opinions. Except the size of the Letters column, The Hindu can revert to the old style. Instead, it should consider reducing the price of the paper.

Ponneri Kalyanam,

The editorial page, which has for long been cherished by your readers for its serious objective rationality and views, has taken on an excessive glossy look with a large cartoon in the centre and a single article instead of two. Please restore the original format.
Ravi C.R.,

Chitradurga, Karnataka


I was thoroughly disappointed with the new format. You cannot even claim it as your own. I have seen papers with exactly the same new look — the South China Morning Post, and The Straits Times for instance. Back home, the Times of India and Indian Express look similar.

B. Arvind,

When I looked at the new version, I felt I had lost something very dear to my heart. I will never be able to proclaim with pride hereafter that The Hindu has never compromised its features for commercialisation. But it is a reminder that a man has to change with the times. When we meet our children after a long time, the first look evokes a kind of feeling that disappears after some time. This is one such case.

Venugopalan Venkataraman,

Although I could not reconcile to the change easily, I hope the fact that "change is the order of the day" will slowly creep into my mind, soul and eyes.

P.U. Krishnan,
Udhagamandalam, T.N.

I want the original look back. The Hindu should not look like many other newspapers. Because it is unique.

Bhupinder Singh,

Originality lost?

The Hindu seems to have has lost its originality. Anyway we will try to adapt to the new style.

N. Narendran,
Madurai, T.N.

Previously I used to read The Hindu for one hour every day. Now I cannot read it for more than 15 minutes.

Kindly do not carry news analysis and the like in the centre page. The centre page should carry national news only.

K. Jaisankar,
Tuticorin, T.N.

A reader and admirer of The Hindu for 55 years, I was shocked to see the (so-called) new look of my favourite newspaper. The change, I presume, is for change's sake. It has not made the newspaper any better. The headlines and captions are bolder but other printed matter has shrunk and I need a magnifying glass.

The editorials too have shrunk in length and size. The Hindu is no longer unique. Looks like the proverbial Mylapore mami (like me) is sporting a tight pair of jeans.

Saroja Balasubramanian,

Maintaining originality is the most important thing. In the past I could recognise The Hindu among tens of newspapers because of its unique typesetting. I cannot do so any more.

Ashish Sharma,
New Delhi

The new design and layout will definitely go down well with the millions of readers across the globe. However, I feel that the editorial page in the new format is not striking enough.

N. Kanagarajan,
Tiruvannamalai, T.N.


It was shocking to see The Hindu resort to self-advertising for the last few days and the biggest shock was the refurbished look on Thursday morning.

The change seems to be merely for the sake of change and to stand up to the competition from other newspapers. The earlier format was elegant and classical.

Sudheendhra Putty,

I am a student of class twelve. The thing I liked the most about The Hindu was its format pre-April 14. On seeing the new look, I have lost the instinct to read the great historic paper.

I request you to switch back to the old format which was more appealing.

A. Mohammed Imran Khan,

Difficult to tell

I do not know whether I ought to compliment you or feel sad. My predicament is similar to that of many readers who did not know how to react at the passing of an era when The Hindu pushed the classified advertisements to the back pages and brought news forward.

Vepa K. Sadasivam,

Just last week someone asked me if I would want to change anything in The Hindu that I read daily. I answered that it had everything I needed, starting from the contents to the layout to the clarity of pictures.

Little did I know what was in store. The Hindu, I am afraid, has lost its character and looks like any other newspaper.

Uma Shanker,

Project redesign was long awaited. But as a civil service aspirant, I study The Hindu, I do not read it. This is because of its range of news, articles and effective coverage of current affairs.

While the analysis has increased in the new format, actual news reports have gone down. In your enthusiasm to make presentation colourful, you have sacrificed news.

H.P. Nitin,

I could not distinguish The Hindu from other newspapers on Thursday. Has the celebrated newspaper lost its uniqueness in layout?

In the eagerness to be in tune with the times, I fear, you are taking away all the wonderful attributes that have made the paper a sentiment for readers like me.

Sethumadhavan K.P.,
Kochi, Kerala

I have been a fan of your newspaper for the past 25 years. Never have I felt so unhappy with The Hindu as I did on Thursday. All the inside pages look pale.

With time, one has to change but to me the old look was better.

V. Chamarti,
New Delhi

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