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Tuesday, September 18, 2001

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Brides Wanted

HINDU MALAYALEE 33 years graduate working Pharma Company Chennai seeks graduate Chennai girl. Box No. HA35457, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

SUCCESSFUL MANAGEMENT Consultant (40) at Chennai seeks good looking cultured bride. Caste/ religion no bar. Box No. AA25001, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

PARENTS OF Handsome, South Indian, Vadama Brahmin, Athletic looking Bachelor, 36/ 183, Ph.D/ Haritha/ Avittam (Dhanishta), seek suitable good looking, pleasantly disposed Bride. Holds Senior Position in reputed Worldwide MNC, USA, is vegetarian with clean habits. Stars Aslesha, Visaka, Jyestha, Moola please excuse. Horoscope, details to Box No. KR43248, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Phone: 044-4412246.

SUITABLE BRIDE for 167/ 33 years, Overseas Origin, must be willing to relocate to New Zealand, can fully sponsor, Graduates, MCA, prefer. Race, Caste, Social Status no bar. Box No. KR43257, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. E.mail:

VISWABRAHMIN, 26/188, B.Tech., IIT, MS working US, veg., well settled seeks Engr., same caste or any Brahmins, Greencard, all South Indians also preferred. 022-8343156. Box No. HY186, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016.

PETROLEUM ENGINEER, overseas Vanniyakula Kshatriya, M.Sc., 34/166, 50,000, widower, seeks fair, employed bride. Phone (044) - 2445851. Box No. HB4127, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BACHELOR OF mixed parentage 39 years old, propertied businessman settled at Chennai, seeks fair, suitable, educated working girl with liberal views. Caste no bar. Mail: or reply to Box No. HB 4158, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ANDHRITE 34/ 174, B.Tech Officer, in all India financial institution currently based at Cochin, seeks qualified preferably, working smart girl, Caste/ State/ language no bar. Box No. KA1510, THE HINDU, Cochin-682016.

U.S. CITIZEN, 35/175, Brahmin, Law Degree, working in PUblic Administration, seeks alliance from slim, fair, well educated girl, currently living in the U.S. Contact: E-mail:

USA BASED Athletic, U.S. Citizen boy from prominent Bengali Brahmin family. Charismatic, fair, handsome. High energy, fun loving, 32 years. CEO of Future Technology Investment advisory firm. Looking for intelligent, classy, attractive down to earth girl, well educated with happy disposition, 23 to 29 years, caste no bar. Reply with full photo (must) & bio-data to: Mrs. Meera, P.O. Box 3663, Dana Point, CA92629, USA, Email:

CHRISTIAN - God fearing, 26 years, Mechanical Engineer, M.S. from USA, working in USA, father Oriya, mother Tamil, seeks fair, beautiful, God fearing, professionally qualified, home loving with good family background for marriage in December. Caste language no bar. Send photograph, returnable to Box No. MA4407, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

TELUGU VADAYAR, 32 years, completing Ph.D, IISc, Bangalore, seeks simple, PG/ Ph.D., Hindu, vegetarian bride, interested in Teaching/ Research. Caste no bar. Reply Box No. HB-4314, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SOUTH INDIAN parents seek suitable alliance for son 29/185, M.S. (Arch)., USA working in Boston, from good family, Graduate, pleasant looking Bride. Please write in confidence with details, recent photograph (must) returnable to T. K. Somasundaram, 12, Viswajit Chatturshringi Road, Pune-411016. Telefax 020-5670848, Email:

KANNADA DEVANGA Chettiar M.S. Engineer 270 in U.S.A. Established business in Chennai, wants beautiful girl from good family. Subcaste no bar. Reply Box No. AA25008, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

DEVANGER CHETTIAR, 29, 160, 10,000, private. Seeks Graduate, subcaste Ganjala, Kottudar, Irumanaiyar, Kapelar, Sevvelar, Baniyar, Thuppular. 0451-471907/ 0431-471622.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Madhwa Kannada Boy employed in MNC 28/170 employed girl preferred. Reply Box No. WW56068, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

WANTED FOR USA employed, handsome, M.Tech. (ECE), 31/170, Bharadwaj, Rohini, well educated, slim, accomplished bride, only Kannada Madhwa considered. Contact Phone: 080-5257796.

INNOCENT DIVORCEE, Kerala based Christian, 38 years, 172 cms, B.Tech. (Hons) from Kerala, MBA from top rated Canadian University, working in a Management position at Toranto. Daughter under exclusive custody of ex-wife. we look for a compaitable professional match, mature and kind with good academic credentials. Widows, innocent divorcees also welcome. Caste, religion no bar. Box No. KA 1505, THE HINDU, Kochi-682016. E.Mail:

PROPOSALS ARE invited by the father of a C.S.I. Syrian Christian, fair, smart and godfearing youth, 25/174 cm., consultant Optometrist, having good family assets and looking after well established family business with multi outlets from parents of godfearing, homeloving, smart Jacobite, Marthomite, C.S.I., B.Sc./B.Com., or qualified Optometrist girls. Contact: 0481-361974 or Box No. KA1512, THE HINDU, Kochi-682016.

NAIR, BOY 29, Pooratam Star, Tall, Handsome. Computer Graduate, Well Established in Textile/ Restaurant Business at Mumbai, Propertied Seek Suitable Alliance from Good Looking, Affluent Nair Family Girl. Reply with Horoscope, Photograph (Returnable) to: Box No. SH46826, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

EZHAVA 29/ 177, Business Chennai settled seeks bride, send photo, details. Box No. AA25002, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

THIYYA (AYILYAM), Tellicherry, 32/ 172, Fair B.Sc, Diploma Marketing Management, Proprietor Advertisement Film Company, Yearly Net Income above one lakh, seeks Bride Slim, Fair, Good looking Graduate 160 to 165, 26- 29, Cultured family. Contact with photo, returnable. Box No. KR43261, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

EZHAVA/ ILLATHUPILLAI, Vishagam, 28/ 175/ M.A/ Singapore employed, Seeks Good looking, Fair, Graduate Girl. 044-2495661. Box No. ST52154, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU, EZHAVA, 29/ 162, handsome, B-Tech/ MBA, well placed in management position with MNC. Sole Son of late Parents, hailing from respected family in Malabar. Suitable alliance is sought from girl intelligent, beautiful, elegant with pedigree and good family background. Preferably B-Tech/ MBA/ MCA/ MBBS. Please reply with photos and complete details to Box No. BA3163, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

MENON BOY, born 14-01-1971, 07-31 a.m. Ayilyam, 177, MNC, Software Consultant, Chennai, invites proposal from professionally qualified/employed girls, preferably Chennai based. Box No. HB4115, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SALIYA YOUTH, B.Tech., MBA, 27/165, Software Engineer. Proposals invited from professionals preferably Engineers below 25 years, belonging to Malabar area with horoscope. Box No. KA-1504, THE HINDU, Kochi-682016.

CHENNAI BASED Palghat Nair parents seek alliance for son (29), studied MS(IT), Green card holder Australia from qualified girls of respected families. Box No. HB-4186, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

CHENNAI SETTLED, Nair parents of handsome Doctor MBBS, M.D., working in a Western country, 35/170 cm, well settled clean habits, innocent, issueless, divorcee, seeks alliance from parents of beautiful, educated, well beahaving girls of same community. Contact: 044-6380227.

KERALA BASED Nair boy, 32/180, Thiruvathira, Asst. Manager, MNC, 4 lakhs p.a., girls well employed at Bangalore or Technically qualified preferred. Contact with horoscope, biodata, photograph. Box No. BA3172, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

NAMBIAR BOY, MCA, 29/174, Puram, USA employed seeks beautiful girl, same community, middleclass, preferably 22-23 years, minimum Graduate. Respond with bio-data, horoscope. Box No. CB4275, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

ALLIANCE INVITED from parents of fair, slim, Professionally qualified girls, below 23, preferably from North Malabar (Nair/Nambiar) for a boy, B.Tech./ MBA, 28/175, Chathayam, Systems Engineer, MNC at Mumbai. Apply with horoscope to Box No. CB4288, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

PALAKKAD IYER, Koundinya, Vadamal Anusham,38/ 160/ M.Com. Accountant, employed Dubai seeks fair good looking girl. Contact: 044-4749774. E-mail: Box No. HA35464, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KERALA IYER, Vadamal, Bharadwajam, Poosam, fair, handsome, good habits, 30/180, M.A., L.L.B., Advocate, seeks suitable good looking, educated, employed/unemployed girl. Box No. HB4114, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SOURASHTRA 35/168, M.Sc. Software professional, working US based MNC at Chennai, seeks good looking employed/ employable bride decent family background from same caste. Apply horoscope, bio- data, photo. E-mail: Box No. HB4226, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL MUSLIM Senior CAD Engineer, handsome, 27/ 174 from rich, Engineers family, employed at Chennai. Shortlisted for abroad. Rich parent of beautiful Graduate girl can apply with photos. Box No. HB4151, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ROWTHER MUSLIM parents invites alliance for son, 27/177/20,000 monthly, business at Nagercoil, looking for fair, tall, 17-21/+2 with English knowledge. Contact: 098421-33331, 098431-36023. E- mail: (or) Send bio-data. Box No. MA4402, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

TAMIL MUSLIM Rowther 25/ MBBS Doctor Handsome from reputed religious Rich Family invites similar alliance from beautiful Girls of rich family Professionals/ Non-Professionals. Box No. CC27543, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Email:

RC VANNIER, 30/ 155, MCA Professor, 10,000/- seeks respected family girl, should finished her PG. Box No. KR43279, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Phone: 04142-391401

R.C VELLALA Green Card Holder, Losangels Software Engineer, 34/ 175 seeks very fair, good looking, well qualified girl. Box No. HA35472, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

CSI TAMIL, 28/167, fair, M.B.B.S. own Clinic Chennai, Rs. 30,000 per month seeks alliance fair Doctors/ Engineers. Reply with photo Box No. HB-4156, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

RC VANIYA Chettiar, 31, 162, 12,500/-, B.A., M.S., Govt. Ayurvedic Doctor, Caste no bar, CSI can apply S. Thomas Church Street, Asaripallam, Kanyakumari Dist-629201.

RC, AD, 31/ 168, M.Com., B.L., practicing Advocate at Madras High Court, seeks well educated from respectable family from same caste. Box No. HB 4138, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

RC KONGU Vellalar, 27,183, B.E. Software Engineer, MNC at Bangalore, seeks bride Tamil, B.E., M.C.A., M.B.A., M.S.I.T. send photo returnable. Box No. CB-4267, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

C.S.I. VELLALA Pillai, B.Com, MBA, 26/ 163, fair, Advertising, MNC, Bangalore, respectable cultured family, seeks alliance with fair, goodlooking, educated working girl, similar family background. Send bio-data, photo returnable. Box No. HB 4139, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

CSI, NADAR, Doctor, 28 doing MD, handsome 6 footer affluent cultured family seeks suitable alliance. Box No. HB-4230, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

WANTED FAIR, goodlooking girl for Tamil CSI, aged 31, settled in Australia. Box No. BA-3184, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

GOODLOOKING, VERY Fair, Clean Habits, Catholic (Nadar) Boy, 31/ 171, Manager (IBM), Dubai, Well Settled, Invite Proposals from Well Settled Decent Family. The girl should be Fair, Goodlooking & Good Natured. Early Marriage. Caste no bar. Reply Photo (Returnable): Box No. DM34672, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. E-mail:

CSI NADAR, 27/ 170/ 12,000/=, graduate with additional qualifications, working as Assistant Manager- Reputed Company, Chennai, fair, handsome, well settled without family commitments seeks fair, goodlooking bride, good family background, preferably employed. Reply Bio-data, Photo: Box No. DM34695, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Contact: 98401-33010.

SAIVAPILLAI, ASWINI, 29/ 180/ B.B.A., M.A., HDSE., TIDEL PARK, 2 own houses, seeks qualified employed fair girl. Send bio-data, horoscope, photo. Box No. HA35439, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VANNIYAKULA KSHATRIYA, B.E., 29/ 170, Software Professional, Working in MNC/ Singapore permanent resident of Singapore seeks fair, qualified B.E./ MCA/ M.Sc/ Graduate. Box No. KR43278, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU SC Adi-dravida 29/ 170, BE Software Engineer 34,000/- pm., seeks professionally qualified bride. Send bio-data, photo (returnable), horoscope. Contact: C. Kanagasabai, 59/80, Morai Evarat puram, Nellikuppam - 607105. Cuddalore District. Phone: 04142 - 373192.

HINDU MUDALIAR 35/ 180, fair, handsome, Engineer, only son, Chennai based seeks good looking educated bride. Box No. HA35450, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUDALIAR 31/ 170/ Avittam, ACS practising Company Secretary, smart, good looking, propertied, affluent Business family, seeks very fair, bright, educated bride below 27 from respectable family. Contact: 044-4733511. Box No. HA35447, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

THANJAVUR NONVEG Pillai, Thiruvonam, B.Sc., D.Pharm, 33/ 170, Private, 8000/-, wanted beatiful girl, caste no bar. Send Horoscope - Sridhar, 112, East Vanniar Street, K.K.Nagar West, Chennai - 600078.

MUDALIAR DOCTOR 27/ 180/ Fair, Pooram, FRCS, seeks good looking, home loving, non-Medico from respectable family. E-mail: Box No. HA35458, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SOZHIA VELLALAR, Revathy, 27/ 180, BE, M.S. Hardware Engineer, employed in USA, seeks alliance from same sect. Reply with Horoscope, Bio-data Box No. HA35459, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

YADAVA, THIRUVATHIRAI, 27/ 173, B.E. Software Professional, USA return, employed Chennai, handsome, seeks good looking, Professionally qualified bride, respectable family. Contact: K.Arumugam 044-4831536.

VELLALA PILLAI/ B.E./ 29/ 168/ 10,000/ Business man, seeks Graduate. Send complete details. Box No. HA35467, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU SC AdiDravida, B.Com., MBA, PGDCA, 28/ 173, Asst.Manager, Nationalised Bank, parents Retd. Gazetted Officers, seeks good looking Graduate girl. Reply with Bio-data. Box No. HA35476, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU CHETTIAR Engineer 32/163/50,000 working in Malaysia seeks suitable Bride. Ph: 4790851. Email: Box No. WW56055, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SC HINDU 33/165/M.A. Assistant Manager Private concern seeks goodlooking employed bride. Box No. WW56067, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

SENGUNTHA MUDALIYAR, 28/ 185, M.E., Working in Singapore, Internet Engineer, Seeks Fair, Good Looking Girl from Same Caste below 25, B.E/ M.E/ M.C.A. Box No. ZM64322, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

PARKAVAKULAM UDAYAR, Krithigai, 27/ 175/ B.E., Software Engineer, U.S.A., Seeks Bride, B.E./ M.B.B.S/ MCA/ MBA/ M.Sc.Computer Science. Reply with Horoscope. Box No. ZM64329, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

THONDAMANDALA SAIVA Mudaliar, 28/ 168, Chitthirai/ Thulam, B.E., MBA (USA), Employed in USA seeks suitable Girl, Career Minded for Marriage in 2002, B.E/ PG Studying/ Working/ Worked in USA preferred. Send Bio-data, Horoscope Box No. SH46814, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VEGETARIAN, AGAMUDAYAR, 33/ 162, B.E, MBA, (IIM), 91,000/- P.M, MNC Executive in Chennai, Cultured Religious Family Seeks, Cultured Girl below 29 Years from Good Family. Reply with Horoscope and Photo. Webpage: E-mail: Box No. SH46815, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Thevar Son, Good Looking D-Pharmacist Girl from any Caste. Contact: 044-4672004.

TAMIL YADAVA 27/ 180/ Income Tax Dept. seeks suitable girl preference for Teacher. Phone: 044-6600785/ 04544-50110.

TAMIL YADAVA 29/ 178/ 15,000/- Class -I Army Officer seeks educated girl from respected family. Phone: 044-6600785/ 04544- 50110,

THENKALAI, KOUSIGAM, Moolam, MLM, PGDPM, 31/ 168/ 10,000, Executive, Reputed Company, Chennai seeks suitable alliance. Box No. AA25010, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

AGAMUDAIYAR 27, Uthirattathi, tall, fair, Systems Analyst, Software company in London, seeks graduate/ B.E Bride from same community. Box No. KR43249, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED, Hindu Adidravida, 35/ 173, M.E, 23,000/-, Assistant Director, Central Government, non-transferable. Reply with Horoscope, Details, photo Box No. KR43254, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU NADAR, 30/ 175/ Fair owns Software Company seeks Fair, Good Looking North side Nadar Bride. Box No. KR43267, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SENGUNTHA MUDALIAR, 27/ 171, B.E. (C.S)., Software Engineer, California, USA seeks fair, good looking, B.E./ MCA/ MBA bride below 23, from respectable Sengunthar family. Box No. KR43274, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU, SC, AD, 171/ 28, Fair, M.E, M.B.A, Working USA, Chevvai Dosham, Seeks Professionals Caste No Bar. Box No. ST52161, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TIRUNELVELI SAIVA Pillai, B.Sc., Bharani, 31/170, 10,000, business seeks Graduate girl, same community. Send details, horoscope, photo. Box No. MA4387, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

HINDU ADI-DRAVIDAR, 31/165, 12,000, M.Sc., Public Sector, Uttar Pradesh (remote area) seeks Graduate bride. Caste no bar. Box No. MA4389, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

MUDALIAR (SENGUNTHAR), 29/174, MBBS, Asst. Surgeon, seeks suitable bride. Sub-sect acceptable. Box No: HB4124, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KARKATHAR VELLALAR, 34/M.Sc./ AMIE, Business, seeks same community graduate girl, below 28. Box No: HB4123, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TANJORE SAIVA Pillai, Agamudaiyar, vegetarian, 26/ 173, wheatish, handsome, foreign going merchant, Navy, Chief Officer, seeks goodlooking, graduate, suitable bride. Apply with photo and horoscope to Box No. HB 4161, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUDALIYAR, B.E., Manager, 28/ 174, caste, immaterial, Phone: 044-4326370, Kannan, 62/ 41, New Boag Road, Chennai-600017.

VANNIYAKULA KSHATRIYA, B.E., 29/ 180, Director in a leading Pvt. Ltd. Company in Chennai, well settled in business seeks fair, beautiful, professional, graduate girl, from decent, educated family and same caste. Send photograph (returnable), bio-data and horoscope. Box No. HB 4133, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. E-Mail:

VANNIYAKULA KSHATRIYA, 39/165, Maths, M.Sc., M.Ed., (M.Phil.), working in Govt. H.S.S. School as B.T. Teacher wants Teacher bride working in Govt. Schools, same caste. Box No. HB-4102, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU, 32/ 10,000, 40 lakhs property seeks suitable bride without encumbrance, divorcee, widows welcome. Contact with bio-datas, S. Kumar, Old No. AE 18, 10th Main Road, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40. Ph: 044-6225159.

TAMIL HINDU, 24 Manai Telugu Chettiar, 38/185, Diploma Electronics, owning Industry, looks for girl 26-33 years, caste no bar. Box No. BA-3166, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

AGAMUDI MUDALIAR, 30/ 178, B.Com., (MBA), working in Bank, seeks beautiful, graduate girl. Please send horoscope with photo Box No. HB 4134, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

REDDIAR HINDU, 26/181/15,000, B.E., Karthigai, Software Engineer, Reputed Company Chennai, seeks educated goodlooking suitable bride age 24 below, send biodata, horoscope, photographs. Box No. HB-4173, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Gounder, Uthiradam, 33/ 177, handsome, wellsettled family, boy wellsettled, goodlooking, graduate girl send horoscope, photo (returnable). Caste no bar. Contact Box No. HB-4145, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Phone: 044-2240753, 044- 2241634.

INTER-CASTE PARENTAGE (Mudaliyar/ Chettiar), seeks beautiful educated bride for their son 31/ 170, Ayilyam, Engineer (U.K.), send photo, horoscope. Box No. HB-4144, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

TIRUNELVELI SAIVA Pillai, 28, B.E., Poorttathi, employed in California, USA, seeks handsome bride preferably B.E./MCA. Contact with horoscope (04563) 524190. Box No. MA 4396, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

SC ADI-DRAVIDAR, Hindu, Tamil, 31/ 170, MBBS, doing PG, handsome, seeks suitable professional bride. Send horoscope and details Box No. HB 4176, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

PALLAN 31, Rs. 9000/- private, smart. Seeks beautiful bride. Apply with photo (R). Box No. HB4190, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SENGUNTHAR MIRUGASIRIDAM, 30/ 167, Tool & Die Maker in Singapore Rs. 50,000/-. Seeks good looking to work in Singapore, PGDCA/ Computer Operator/ Nursing. Contact: 04188 44322. D. Sachidhanandam, 26-A, Thiruvoodal Street, Kanji TSR Dt. 606702.

SAIVA PILLAI, 27/ DECE/ 173/ Moolam, 25,000 p.m. own business. Seeks bride from same community. Contact with horoscope and family details. Box No. HB4188, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VELLALA MUDALIAR, 28, BBA, employed in MNC. Well settled family. Seeks good family background. Contact: R.M. Ganesan, No. 120, M.G. Chakrapani Nagar, Alappakam, Chennai-600116. Phone (044) 4796203.

TAMIL/ VISWAKARMA Avittam, 164, 28, MHRM, M.Phil., Personnel Officer in Limited Co., send photo (returnable), biodata with horoscope to Box No. MA-4395, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

VANNIYAKULA KSHATRSYA Uthiradam, B.E., 28/ 175, fair, handsome software engineer working in U.S.A. seeks good looking fair beautiful graduate/ professional girl. Send horoscope, photo, biodata. Box No. HB-4187, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU NADAR, M.B.B.S., 25, 170, slim, fair, good looking doctor father own nursing home, only son parents seek alliance M.B.B.S. - Aptitude for post graduate studies, very fair good looking bride from respectable family please send latest photograph (returnable) with bio-data. Box No. MA-4386, THE HINDU, Madurai- 625020.

ARCOT MUDALIYAR boy, B.Sc., (Maths), D.M.E., P.G.D.M.M., Mother less - First Issue - 31 years - 169cm - Assistant Foreman in a Public Limited Company located at Padi, Chennai who are the leading manufacturers of Biscuits in India - Gross Monthly Salary Rs. 15000 plus annual Bonus & Leave Travel Allowance - Attending 3 alternate weekly shifts - Seeking to possess suitable own house - Star: Poosam - Rasi: Kadagam - Lagnam: Magaram - Without Angaragha Dhosam - Non-vegetarian - Requires good-looking girl (Graduate - Employed in Chennai City) with knowledge of cooking to lead independent family with her husband - Parents may correspond immediately with full particulars, Bio-data and Horoscope - Box No. HB-4136, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

PIRAMALAI KALLAR, 27/ 182, fair, clean habits, MDS, pre-final year, Faciomaxillary Surgery, invites fair, MBBS/ BDS/ P.G. Phone: 044-4933188/ 4927584. Send biodata, photo. 7-A, C.I.D. Qtrs., Mandavelli, Chennai-28.

S.C. PARAYAN Hindu, 33/ 150, Ph.D. (NET), Advocate, Sevvai Thosam, Avittam, seeks suitable alliance. Caste no bar. Box No. HB-4206, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU VETTUVA, Gounder, 30/165/20,000, B.Sc., B.Tech. Software Engineer in private company seeks B.E., MCA bride. Box No. MA 4398, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

HINDU PALLAN, Central, 32/160/ 17,000/ M.Tech, Officer/ Scientist seeks bride Box No. KA-1506, THE HINDU, Kochi-682016.

ADIDRAVIDA HINDU 28, MD (GM) Govt. service seeks fair bride same caste decent family reply with horoscope photo (returnable). Box No. HB 4189, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

GOOD LOOKING Hindu girl for extermely handsome boy 36, Financial Accountant. UK based. caste no bar. Phone or E.Mail: 0431-459480.

AGAMUDIYA MUDALIAR, DIT, PGDST, Uthirattadhi, fair, 28/172, Systems Engineer, Singapore send to K. Lalitha, 1533/4, 6th Cross, `B' Block, Sahakarnagar, Bangalore-92.

HINDU NADAR Nellai, Respectable family, 30/180, fair, smart boy, MCA Software Professional USA, seeks MCA/ B.E./ M.Sc. (C.S.), fair, goodlooking family girl, send horoscope. Box No. HB4201, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU ISAI Vellalar, 27, MCA, 24,000/-, employed at Trivandrum, seeking good looking, cultured bride MCA or M.Sc. (CS). Contact with horoscope. Box No. HB4185, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUDALIAR BACHELOR, 41/178, M.Com., Bank Officer, 20,000, plus perks, propertied young looking, seeks tall, pleasant bride, below 35 from good family subsect welcome, send details, photograph returnable. E-mail: Box No. BA3135, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

HINDU NADAR brothers seek bride, AMIE, M.E., Civil, 30, B.E., Mech., 28, D.M.E., 26, send photos. Box No. HB 4203, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL YADAVA, 27, M.Com., Bharani, seeks Accountant, Same caste qualified girl. Box No. HB4228, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU VELLALA, 29/172, Advocate well settled seeks bride from decent family. Caste no bar. Box No. CB 8627, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

SC HINDU, 32/169, (M.A.), brother, 35/170, B.A. both fair, Central Govt., 8,000/- each. Box No. HB4239, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

KONGU VELLALA Gounder, 27/170/ B.E./ Pooram, well settled running own Electronic Companies seek good looking fair graduate girl from respectable family. Apply with photo/ horoscope. Box No. CB- 8628, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

PILLAI/ MUDALIAR fair beautiful graduate below 25 for only son PG, 30, tall handsome affluent 4 lakhs p.m. photo returnable, horoscope. Box No. HB-4233, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VANIYA CHETTIAR, B.E. Software Engineer, fair, 29/178, Chithrai seeks suitable alliance. Send horoscope, bio-data. Phone: 044- 2324874. Box No. HB4248, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU NADAR Central Govt. employee, N.Delhi good salary 32/163 alliance from good educated girls send bio-data horoscope to Lakshmana Perumal, 21/7/4A, Right Chanal side, Kangarai Thiruvattar, Kanyakumari district-629177. Phone: 04651-579791.

SOZHIYA VELLALA, 26, M.A., M.Phil., Visakam, Libra business, sophisticated, affluent family, seeks undergraduate bride from affluent, good family. Send bio-data, horoscope, photo, Mudaliar, Chettiar. Subsect no bar. Raja, M33, Housing Unit, Manickampalayam, Erode-638011. Phone: 219222, 219777.

SENGUNTHA MUDALIAR, 29/176, B.E. Software Engineer, USA, seeks educated, Computer Literatre bride. Reply with horoscope, photo. Contact: 0435-463352. Box No. HB4255, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VANNIYAKULA KSHATRIYA, 33/172, smart looks, young, B.E., E.C.E., working in US as Sr. Cellular Network Design Engineer, earning US Dollar, 10,000/month, seeks suitable fair, goodlooking/beautiful, B.E./M.B.A./M.B.B.S., professional girl, father, expired. Contact me directly, bio-data with photo. Email: or 345, Buckland Hills, Dr. 10114 Manchester, Connecticut, USA- 06040.

KONGU VELLALA Gounder, 28, 170, B.E., Uthiram, Software Engineer, seeks beautiful, goodlooking girl from respectable family. Reply with horoscope, photo. Box No. CB-8629, THE HINDU, Coimbatore- 641018.

KAIKOLA MUDALIAR, 33/173, 10,000/- Private, Chevvai 12th Place, seeks good looking, graduate, homely girl, same caste. Send horoscope, photo. Box No. CB8637, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018. E-mail:

KAVARA NAIDU, M.Sc., (REC), 30/168, 80,000 per month, Moolam, Component Design Engineer Intel Malaysia, seeks fair, slim, PG girl below 26, with Computer knowledge. Subsect no bar. Send bio- data, horoscope. Box No. HB-4217, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KONGU VELLALA Gounder, 27/180 cms, B.E., M.S. Electronics, employed in USA seeks suitable alliance. Box No. CB4274, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018. Contact: 04286-20900.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Chartered Accountant, Hindu Nadar, aged 48, widower, having one son, well placed. Box No. HB4295, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU ARUNTHATHIYAR, 31/158, Manager, PSU seeks BE/MBBS/MCA, decent family girl. Send horoscope, bio-data. Box No. CB4280, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

KONGU VELLALA Gounder, well to-do boy, 24/ 175, B.E., M.S. employed as Software Engineer in USA. Seeks qualified or likely to qualify by Apr.-May 2002, Engineering girls from same caste. Send horoscope. Box No. CB4287, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

GAVARA NAIDU, Medical Graduate bride wanted for 26 years, Engineering Graduate, working in reputed cellular company, likely to take job in USA very shortly. Send horosocpe with bio-data to Box No. CB4279, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

HINDU SC(PR), MBBS, well settled, 29/172 seeks fair, good looking with good family background bride professional. Send horoscope, bio-data, photo (R). Box No. CB4276, THE HINDU, Coimbatore- 641018.

YADAVA TAMIL, Puram, 32, M.A., B.Ed., Govt., 10,000 seeks fair, Graduate girl from decent Yadava family. Box No. CB4286, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

VELLALA PILLAI, 28, Management Consultant, U.S.A., seeks graduates. Caste no bar. Boy visits Madras this week. Phone: 044- 4863577. Bio data, photo, horoscope. Box No. HB-4106, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL VISWAKARMA, 28/170, BE, MBA Java Programmer 15000 seeks same caste educated girl. Contact Mr. C. Murugesan, 0422-441155.

MARAVAR (MUKKULTHOR), M.E., USA, 29/170, Software Engineer, seeks beautiful bride, (India/Abroad) Engineer/Doctor/graduate. Send bio-data, horoscope, photo must (returnable). Contact: Post Box No. MA4405, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

SOZHIA VELLALA Pillai, 26/170, M.S. (USA), Software Engineer, fair, smart, working in USA seeks fair, good looking Bride from decent family, preferably Graduates. Respond with biodata, horoscope. Box No. BA3178, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

SAIVA VELLALAR/ Sevvai Dosam/ Kettai, 29, 160, MCA Software/ USA employed seeks B.E./ MCA/ any PG fair and good looking girl. Sub- sects no bar. Reply Box No. HB-4327, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VELLALA PILLAI, Non-Veg, B.E. Civil, 31/ 173, Thiruvathirai, own Construction Business seeks alliance from same caste. Box No. XA71140, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VANNIYAKULAKHASTRIYA- Bachelor B.Sc/ 43/ 172/ 10,000/=, Graphic Designer with own house in Chennai. Contact: 044-6350060. Box No. DM34688, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SAIVA VELLALA, Tirunelveli, DCE, MCSE, (BCA), 31/ 165, Customer Support Engineer, Bangalore Seeks Bride- Same Community, Preferance for Employed. Box No. CC27538, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

IYER, VADAMA, Srivatsam, Rohini, 27/ 170, MCA, USA H1 Visa, seeks fair, good looking Graduate girl from respectable family. Preferably BE/ MCA. Subsect acceptable. Boy expected in November. Box No. HA35438, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMA BHARATWAJA Visakam B.Com. 30/ 180/ 8000 fair Central Govt. Chennai seeks suitable Vadama graduate. Preferably Govt./ LIC/ Bank employed girl. Box No. HA35446, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

IYER VADAMAL Koundinya Uthiram Sudha Jathakam B.E./ 26/ 180 Senior Software Developer, employed at Chennai, seeks alliance with good looking girl below 25, above 163 cm., B.E/ MCA, employed in Software at Chennai. Contact: 4740325 and send horoscope to Box No. HA35454, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

THENKALAI, BHARADWAJAM, Pooradam, 29/ 178, very fair, HDFC Bank, Mumbai. Seeks suitable bride. Boy here on two weeks leave. Contact:044-6574694.

HOME LOVING IYER Girl's Horoscope invited for Hastham, 35/ 177, very fair, Keralite Software professional Chennai based. Box No. HA35461, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

PARENTS OF Vadama, Koundinyam, Uthram, 172/ 28, H1B U.S. Employed, Software Engineer, seeks good looking, Graduate girl. Reply with Horoscope and details. Box No. HA35465, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, VADAMA, Kousika, Aswini, 33/174, B.E seeks graduate bride below 29. Reply with horoscope. Box No. HA35466, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BRAHACHARANAM IYER Koundinya Pooradam 31/ 170, handsome, B.Tech., well employed seeks graduate. Phone: 4895569. Box No. HA35471, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, VADAMA, Athreya, 36/ 175/ 15000/ fair, employed Reputed Company, Graduate, seeks preferably employed. Box No. HA35473, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

U.S. CITIZEN M.S.,M.B.A., Kousika, Vadama, Rohini Executive in Fortune 100 Company California. Teetotaler needs pretty, good natured girl below 35 previous short lived marriage without encumbrances annulled. Box No. WW56057, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

IYER BRAHACHARANAM, Bhardwaj, Utharatathi 30/172/6000 C$ Engg. Graduate, Aeronautical Society Resident Status Canada BE/MCA/M.Sc., Fair, Good Looking girl. Photo(returnable) horoscope. Boy expected India Nov/2001. Box No. WW56061, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER BRAHACHARANAM Bharadwajam, Chitrai boy 26/180 Software Engineer working in U.S.A. drawing good salary seeks good looking girl preferably employed / studying in U.S.A. Box No. WW56060, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BANK OFFICER / Vadama / Kousika / Chithrai - 2/28/174 seeks transferable Central Government / Bank employed Girl. Father kidney patient. 044-2456351. Box No. WW56063, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

IYER VADAMA stepmother, father Aryavysia, pure Vegetarian community, propertied affluent family, seeking alliance from Brahmins or similar combination for boy, Thiruvadirai, 29/181 B.E(comp),MBA, H1, USA, following Brahmin customs. 044-8275270. Email: Box No. WW56071, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

IYER, BRAHACHARANAM, Sangrithi, 25/ 169, Avitam, very Fair, Post Graduate, Software Engineer US, clean habits of affluent parents seeks fair pretty match 20-23 B.E/ MCA or Studying in final year, from respectable affluent family. Sub-sect no Bar. Boy expected shortly. Box No. SH46810, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER VADAMA, Bharatwajam, Magam/ 27/ 175/ B.Sc., GNIIT/ Software Consultant/ Manager in PWC (Newjercy) seeks Graduate Girl Fair, Modern outlook. Sent Horoscope with Full Family details with Photo returnable. Phone: 044-8472745/ 8472164.

ASHTASAHASRAM POURGUTHSA Hastam 34/ 166, Systems Manager MNC, Chennai with seven years overseas experience seeks Graduate, Pious, Music Loving Domesticated Broadminded Girl. Boy married but separated, Marriage not consumated. Contact 4940558 Chennai.

VADAKALAI BHARADWAJA, Mrigaseerisham, 28/ 178, Computer Engineer, Well Settled seeks Professionally Qualified Girl below 25 without Dosham. Box No. SH46818, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL IYER Vadama, Bharthwaja, Bharani, Boy 29/ 175, MBA, Manager in Leading Management Consultant Firm USA seeks Good Looking Educated Girl from Respected Family. Age below 26. Boy Visiting India November. Send Horoscope, Family details. Box No. SH46819, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, BHARADWAJ, Rohini, 28/ 176, Athletic, Handsome, Dental Surgeon, Private Practice US Citizen, Born and Broughtup In India Seeks, Suitable,Fair, Good Looking, Professionaly Qualified Girl. Reply With Photo (Returnable). Box No. SH46822, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. 4937196. E-Mail:

VADAMA KOUSIKA Parents invite alliance for their son 26/ 183, Software Engineer, H1 visa from parents of girls working/ studying in U.S.A. Contact: 044-4463032. Box No. KR43244, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

AYYANGAR, ONLY Son B.A., MBA, 27/ 190, Rohini, Kaushik, in Business with Father. Excellent family ties, seeks alliance from Brahmin Girls willing to settle in Chennai. Cultured, Respectable families may send details to Box No. KR43247, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

BRAHACHARANAM BOY, Koushika, Ashwini, 33/ 175, D.E.C.E., MBA., 3.6 Lakhs annually, owning a flat. Box No. KR43264, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BEAUTIFUL P.G. Bride for very fair, handsome Iyer, 26 years, Ph.D, USA employed. Box No. KR43263, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMA, BHARADWAJA, Uttaradam MBA, MNC employed, UK Resident parents, seeks Bride, well placed family, Box No. KR43273, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. E-mail:

BLIND IYER Brahmin 42, Srivatsam, Hastham, Fair, PG, Working, Own 5 figure monthly income, Offering comfortable Life, Desires kind dedicated same community Spouse, Need not work. Box No. ST52157, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER VADAMMAL, Suddha Jathagam, Bharadwajam, Thiruvadhirai, 35, Accounts Manager, 10,000/-, Seeks Graduate Girl. Phone: 4981514. Send Horoscope, Photograph to: Box No. ST52160, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, B.Sc., 36/ 155, Divorcee, employed Bangalore seeks Tamil, employed girl, preferably Bangalore based. Contact: 080-3379118.

VADAGALAI, 29/182 seeks employed in U.S., Software seeks non- Gargiya girl, around 24. 080-8565235. Box No. BA3155, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

IYER, SMART, Professional, Officer, Bank Hyderabad, Kasyapa Kartika, 38/ 165, Dosha Jatakam, Telugu, Kanadiga acceptable horoscope. Box No. HY189, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016.

VADAMA, KOUSHIKAM, 26/178, smart, fair, Junior Officer, ICICI Bank, seeks employed girl. Apply with photo. Box No. HB4113, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, BRAHACHARANAM, Engineer, Forty Five, Manager in private company, seeks as life partner, affectionate, good looking, tall, well educated, Brahmin lady. Widows without encumbrance considered. Simple marriage. Reply with full details. Box No. HB4111, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SOFTWARE ENGINEER on HIB visa, BSc. HIDSM, Palghat Iyer, Vadamal, Samkrithi, Magam, Sudha Jathagam, 31/ 175, seeks good looking girl, from Tamil Kerala Iyer, preferably Software Professional. E-mail: Box No. HB4107, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Iyer boy, Pourakustya Gothram, Poosam, 27 years, 180 cm, B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engg. (IIT), employed as a Software Engineer in the States. Girl to be goodlooking, slim, tall, professionally qualified and working. Please reply with family details and horoscope to: Box No: BA3162, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

IYER, BRAHACHARANAM, Koundinya, 28/176, JE, Railway, Trichy, 8,500/-. Venkatachalam S., 29, Second Street, Vijayapuram, Chinnasalem-606201.

THANJAVUR VADAMAL, Uchathya Gothram, Swathi, 1972, M.Sc., IIT Bombay, PhD-USA, Material Science, working in USA Arizona State, seeks any professional match employed in USA or willing to settle in USA simple marriage. Box No. HB4125, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

VADAMAL, IYER, Koundinyam, Sathayam, 173/ 29, fair, M.Sc. (Comp.), employed in Dubai, seeks attractive graduate, P.G. bride. Box No. HB 4167, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

FAIR, WELL qualified, beautiful bride, Vadama, non-Bharadwaja, for highly, qualified Engineer, USA, 28/ 180, affluent family. Box No. HB 4152, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

GRADUATE IYER, Vadama, Garga, Sadayam, 40, monthly income 3,000/, seeks employed graduate girl. Box No. HB-4137, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, BRAHASHARNAM, Kousikam, Moolam, (4th padam), 31/170, Diploma, IAF Udampur, 8000/-+ seeks suitable good looking bride. Telephone (044-4339472) Box No. HB-4155, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

VADAMAL, VAATHOOLAM, 37/ 175, Poorattadhi, Systems Executive, MNC, Chennai, seeks bride upto 33. Respond horoscope. Box No. HB 4179, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BRAHMIN, ATHREYA, Uthirathadhi-II Padam, MCA/180cm., DoB: Jan. 1973, Senior Consultant in U.S.A. Father Udupi Brahmin - Mother Vadama, seeks fair, tall well mannered graduate Brahmin girl. Reply with horoscope, biodata and a recent full size photo to B.S. Ganesh, D. No. D1-001, Srivatsa Gardens, Thudiyalur, Coimbatore-641034. Ph: 0422-489518. Email:

IYER BRAHACHARANAM, Athreya, Chithirai 3rd Padham, 32/165cm., B.Tech., Software Engineer, Mumbai, Rs. 17,000/- p.m., seeks fair, goodlooking, educated girl, sub-sect no bar. Box No. MA- 4393, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

ALLIANCE FROM Graduate, employed, non-Pourshya Gothram girl for Tamil Vadama, Iyer, B.Com., 27/ 162, Thiruvonam, Finance Executive at Ghaziabad, Pursuing, MBA, final semester. Box No. BA3168, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

ALLIANCE INVITED from fair, good looking unmarried girls for 32 yrs, 173, Tamil Iyer, Vadama, Swathi, Koundinyam, working as Manager, marriage unconsumated legally separated. Sub-sect no bar. Reply with horoscope/ photo (R). Box No. HY-188, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016.

PRETTY PROFESSIONAL girl for 31/ 183 cms., fair, handsome, Professional, B.Com., (Hons), MBA (USA) from affluent, Palghat Iyer, Brahacharanam, employed in U.S., father leading Professional, MD of MNC, Delhi based. Write to Box No. ND4548, THE HINDU, INS Building, Rafi Marg, New Delhi-110001.

IYENGAR/ 37, Kowiskam, MS (USA), Executive, Microsoft, USA, Green card holder, clean habits (innocent divorcee), seeks qualified, tall, homely, USA based bride. Send bio-data, photo (returnable). Box No. HB4211, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED from respectable family, (subsect no bar) for Vadama Iyer, Athreya, Pooram, B.Tech. (C.S.), IIT Software professional, employed Boston (USA), 30/170 cm, H1B Visa, visiting India, Oct/ Nov. 2001. Send horoscope, biodata, photo to Box No. HB4215, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

COMFORTABLY SETTLED Vadamal Bharadwajam, Uthiradam, 32/169, B.Sc., PGDCA, IT leader MNC Chennai seeks, fair, smart lively good looking employed girl interest in Music preferred. Early marriage apply with photograph and horoscope. Box No. HB 4205, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, VADAMAL, Kowdinya, Chithirai, Fair, 36/170/8,000/- M.Sc., M.Ed.,/ Teacher seeks graduate employed girl. Box No. CB 8631, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

IYER KOUNDINYA, Uthiradam, B.E., 30, A.E., TNEB, seeks girls above 23, employed, professionally qualified. Box No. HB4225, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

FOR 42 year old well settled widower IT company Chennai seven year old son from Iyengar non-Bharadwaj widows 34/ 39 years with girl child marriage for companionship and welfare of children Box No. BA-3179, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

ALLIANCE FOR B.Tech., M.S., US employed, computer professional, 27/180, Uthram, Brahacharanam, fair, beautiful girl from respectable Tamil Aiyar family. Subsects acceptable. Respond horoscope, details. Box No. HB4246, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

THENKALAI KOUSIKA Aswathy B.Sc., 35/160, Central Govt. 7500/- seeks graduate girl subsect no bar. Ph: 0431/ 434781, Box No. HB- 4223, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL THENGALAI Vadoola, Ayilyam, graduate, bachelor, 29/180cm., well employed seeks graduate bride. Apply with horoscope. Box No. HB4243, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

WANTED BRIDE preferably Vadama, Post-graduate or professional for Vadama, Bharadwaja, 29, Makam Singapore based Engineer send details with horoscope and photo Box No. MA-4406, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

BARADWAJA IYER, MCA, 38/ 170, Uttarattadhi, Software employed, World Bank Govt. Health Project, planning bio-technology, enabler own start-up, seek, fair Graduate (self) employed, Bride, relocatable to Bangalore. Simple life. E-mail: zindia2k@hotmail Send horoscope. Box No. BA3183, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

U.S. SETTLED South Indian Brahmin, parents are seeking alliance for their 27 years Doctor (Surgeon) son, vegetarian and traditional, born and brought up in U.S.A., M.D., from Top University in U.S.A., outstanding accomplishments from South Indian Brahmin girls highly accomplished in any field (prefer Doctors) extremely fair and beautiful, tall and slim, traditional family and willing to settle in U.S.A. (preferably girls who are already in U.S.A.) Send your details to Box No. BA3176, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

IYER, ASHTASAHASRAM, Vadhoolam, Poorattadi-IInd, 27/180, B.Sc., M.B.A., (Ph.D.), working Senior Lecturer, Private Engg. College, seeks fair, goodlooking, graduate girl employed, unemployed. Subsect no bar. Send horoscope, bio-data. Box No. HB-4237, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAGALAI, BHARADWAJAM, Swati, B.E., M.S., 178/27, H1B Visa, employed USA, seeks from parents of tall, slim, good looking, fair, educated, Vadagalai girls. Contact: 0462-531042. Dr. S. Vedantham, C-22, `C` Colony, Perumalpuram, Tirunelveli-627007.

VADAGALAI, SRIVATSA, Makam, 27/175, Post-Graduate, Computer trained, U.S.A. H1B Visa, visiting India November, seeks, goodlooking Computer qualified girl. Box No. HY-196, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016.

KAUSIKA, VADAMAL, Kerala Iyer, Avittam, 29 years, tall, fair, good looking, well built, B.Com., M.C.A., working in Senior Position in MNC at Bangalore, seeks fair, good looking, well qualified, homely girl from respectable family. Send horoscope, recent photograph (returnable) and family details to Box No. HB4259, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAKALAI KOUSIKA, Uthirattadhi, 31/ 170/ 7000/ B.Com/ RMS Mumbai seeks graduate girl. Send horoscope. Box No. HB-4263, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BRAHACHARANAM, SRIVATSAM, Magam, 33/167, M.Sc., Ph.D., $30,000/- p.a. Research Associate Reputed University, Los Angeles, H1 Visa. Nagaraj, 2, LIC Colony, Salem-636004. Phone: 445857. E-Mail:

TAMIL, IYER, goodlooking, well educated girls from respectable family for smart, Vegetarian, tee-totaller, Vadama (sub-sect no bar), Srivatsa, Jyeshta, 28/160, B.Tech., Senior Officer in International firm of repute with handsome emoluments presently posted in South America. Early marriage. Reply Box No. HB-4218, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

NORTH ARCOT Vadama, Mother Gujarati Kutchi Jain, 27/175, Krithika, Srivatsa Gothram, Commerce Graduate, Heading Electrical Engineering Company, also Director of Software Company, Hyderabad, seeks pretty talented, well accomplished progressive bride from Smartha Vadama family with good family values. Contact: 98490-54860/ 040-7530596. Box No. HY-194, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016.

IYER, VADAMAL, Koundinya Gothram, Krithika, 30/176, M.Sc., only son, settled, seeks suitable bride, sub-sect no bar. Phone: 040- 3328421. Box No. HY-193, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016.

IYER BRAHACHARANAM, Veethahavya Gothram, Pooradam, 43/165/ 4,500, Deputy Manager, Marketing, Private Firm, Chennai seeks preferably Under-graduate employed girl. Sub-sect acceptable. K. R. Easwaran, New No. 71, (Old No. 38), Fifth Main Road, Vijayaraghavapuram, Saligramam, Chennai-600 093.

SEEKING GRADUATE, goodlooking Brahmin girl for Vishwamitra, Vadama, Vishaka, smart and handsome boy, age-37, working Sr. Manager with reputed newspaper group, earning decent, seven digit salary plus perks, earlier marriage short lived. Send horoscope, family details, photo (returnable). Box No. BA3170, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

40/163, POORAM, Bharadwajam, Iyer, Brahacharanam, B.Sc., PGDMM, salary 20,000/- p.m. seeks immeidiate and early marriage, from Graduate girls upto 35, belongs to good cultured family. Reply: Box No. HB4289, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL IYER, Kapi, Brahacharanam, Chithrai-3 Padam, 39 years, Government, non-transferable, A.P. State invites alliances from brides preferably of the same community between 30-33 years. Second marriage free of encumberances but divorcees please excuse. Apply with horoscope to: Box No. HB4296, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMA KAUSHIGAM Pooram Iyer, B.E., MBA, Jan. 70, fair, 174/ MNC, Advertising, Delhi - Girl from respectable family, slim, qualified, employed, send horoscope. Box No. ND4551, THE HINDU, INS Building, Rafi Marg, New Delhi-110001.

PALGHAT IYER, Vadamal Sreevatsam, Aswini, 28/ 175, B.Tech (REC) fair, employed USA, HIB Visa. Seeks smart, goodlooking, B.E./ MCA, Computer Literate girl. Box No. CB4281, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

TAMIL BRAHACHARANAM, Kaundinyam, Mirugaseersham, 46/180, MBA, good looking, sound health, pious, clean habits, widower, only son-13, flourishing business, Chennai seeks alliance from Tamil Brahmin, good looking, around 35, good health, minimum graduate, Spinster only, home loving girls. No demands, simple early marriage, send horoscope, photo. Box No. HB4286, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VERY FAIR, handsome, Iyengar, Gowthama, Chitra, 28/171, B.E., employed multinational, Mumbai, seeks very fair, beautiful, educated girl. Reply Box No. HB-4317, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER VADAMA Garga, fair, 28/ 181, B.E. (BITS), MS (USA), employed U.S., visiting Nov., seeks professionally qualified tall fair girl. Send horoscope. Box No. BA3194, THE HINDU, Bangalore- 560001. Email:

IYER, BHARADWAJA, M.S., M.B.A., slim, young looking, 42/170cms., spiritually inclined, but not traditional, seeks good hearted, educated, good looking, unmarried, vegetarian girl, below 37, any sect, family oriented, adaptable USA/local living. Service minded Doctors/educators preferred. Email horoscope, details

IYER, VADAMAL, Vadulam, Visakham, 29/177/15,000 seeks fair, educated bride. Contact: 040-4058814. Box No. HY203, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016.

TAMIL IYER, 60, healthy, well-to-do, widower, Professional education, American citizen, will consider settling in Chennai, invites correspondence from Brahmin, widows, divorcees, age 50 to 65, compassionate, good-looking, must be very fair complexioned. Education, status immaterial. Box No. HB4330, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

IYER VADAMA (No Bar), Srivatsam, 34/175, Graduate, Businessmen seeks working bride, less expectations. Contact Box No. HB4328, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

WANTED FAIR good looking, suitable bride for Brahmin, Kashyaba,Makam, 40, good looking Gurukkal Archakar, earning Rs. 7000 monthly, sub-sect no bar. Contact with horoscope and photo. Box No. MA4404, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

TANJORE VADAMA, Vadoolam, Aswathy, 27/178, B.E.(CS), Software Engineer, Chennai with business interests seeks fair home loving Bride sub-sects acceptable. Reply with horoscope, bio-data Box No. HB-4305, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED from cultured Brahmin girl with modern outlooks blended with traditional values around 32 for Iyer Vadamal, Kousikam, Uthiram III, Central Group A Officer, divorcee Dee/40/171/ 15000/ presently Mumbai. No encumbrance. Send horoscope. Box No. HB-4307, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

FOR AFFLUENT Brahacharanam, Uthiram, Bharadwajam 29, 170, owning Travel Agency. Graduate girls apply with horoscope, family details. Phone: (044) 8535716. Box No. HB-4308, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMAL, VADHOOLAM, Magam, 34/ 180, AMIE, employed Private Company seeks Graduate preferably employed Girl. Phone: 4986599. Box No. XA71146, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HANDSOME BRAHMIN Vadama, Bhardwaja (Thanjavur Dist) 32, 180, Cambridge BA, Wharton MBA, Green Card, Presently in London with Leading US Financial Services Firm, High Professional profile, widely travelled seeks brahmin bride below 30, well educated, well cultured, sophisticated, preferably UK/ US upbringing. Horoscope Optional. V. Sadasivam, 29, Double Street, Kodavasal, TN, India 612601. Phone: +91-4366-62228 Email:

B.E (CS), 27/ 188, employed in Middle East seeks goodlooking, professional girl from Haritha. Box No. DM34689, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BRAHACHARANAM, KOWSIKA, traditional but broad-minded parents seek bride with good family background,(career, employment not important) for only son Ayilyam, 27/ 180, fair, well mannered, M.S- Food Technology, well employed. Box No. DM34690, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMA BHARADWAJAM, Makham 29/ 184, M.Tech (IITM) dynamic, handsome looking, Software Engineer Working in a leading networking Company in Bay Area USA, seeks alliance from tall, pleasant looking girl upto 25 years with B.E. (ECE or CS) or MCA and currently working in IT/ Telecom with strong spiritual and religious values. Correspond with horoscope and other details to. R.Venkataramani, 146, N.G.G.O. Nagar Moolapalayam, Erode- 638002. Phone: 0424-280980. E-Mail:

REDDY 28/ 180, fair MS USA Computer Engineer seeks Reddy girl BE/ MCA Doctor (preferably in USA). Reply with horoscope, photo (returnable). Box No. HA35443, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KAMMA NAIDU B.E (MS) 27/ 180, SW Analyst USA, seeks fair, good looking, tall, Professionally qualified bride. Box No. HA35444, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

YADVA / B.E.,M.S.,M.B.A - Canada / 30 / 175 / seeks caste no bar. Bride India or Abroad. Ph: Chennai - 8215090, Coimbatore - 214696. Box No. WW56062, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA NAIDU / Rich / B.E.,M.S.,(Comp) $1,20,000 / 27 / 178 / seeks Computer Graduate 94,G.K.D.Nagar, Papanaicken Palayam, Coimbatore. Ph: 213343, Chennai - 8238454, 6204948. Email:

KAPU NAIDU from Krishna District 29/175 MBA well settled in MNC company seeks well qualified good looking girl. Box No. WW56056, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KAMMANAIDU / 30 / 175 / M.B.A - USA shortly coming to India / seeks Graduate Bride D-4,Karthik Apartments, 46,Vijayaraghava Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-17. Ph: 8215090 / 6204948, Coimbatore - 214696.

KAMMAVAR NAIDU, 34/ 178/ Divorcee, Self-employed, PG, Professional Consultant at Chennai seeks Bride. Apply with Horoscope, Photo (Returnable) & Details to Box No. SH46820, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KAMMA BOY 32/ 182, M.S. Computer USA, highly paid professional well to-do family seeks fair pretty professional girl from the same. Reply Post Box No: 1099, Chennai-600010.

TELUGU YADAVA 29/ 170 B.Sc (Vis.Comm), 15000/- working in MNC seeks suitable alliance. Send Horoscope. Box No. KR43269, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

NAIDU BALIJA Businessman 50,000/-/ B.A/ 32, Seeks Homely Beautiful Girl. Box No. ST52162, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA NAIDU, 33/176, B.E. Computer, abroad, seeks affluent, professionally qualified, Balija/Gavara bride. Reply with horoscope, photo. Box No. HB4131, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED from Balija Naidu, Graduate girls, for B.E. Graduate, boy 25/ 166, of Salem working as System Analyst, Infosys, Bangalore. E-mail: Box No. HB4100, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

CHATADA SRIVAISHNAVA Avittam, 27/ 175, B.Com., 9,000/- Pvt. Company. Seeks girl, Graduate, employed. Reply with horoscope, biodata. Box No. HB4193, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KAMMAVAR, 27/178, fair good looking B.Sc. (CT) MCA, Senior Software Engineer in reputed company USA 75,000/- dollars p.a. seeks fair good looking suitable bride send horoscope, bio-data, photo: Box No. CB-4272, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

KAMMAVAR NAIDU, 29/177, MBBS, Thiruvathirai, seeks suitable bride send horoscope/ details. Phone: 0452-536881. Box No. MA4400, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

SC HINDU, 32/169, (M.A.), brother, 35/170, B.A. both fair, Central Govt., 8,000/- each. Box No. HB4239, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

REDDIAR PARENTS seek for their only son MCA, 28/ 172, USA H1B bride from same community, fair BE/ MCA/ Post graduate, interested send horoscope, bio-data, photo (returnable). Box No. HB-4234, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

GAJULA BALAJI, 30/168, smart, handsome, M.S. Ortho, seeks fair, beautiful girls 23-26 years, preferably Medicos, reply with bio- data, photo, horoscope to Box No. BA-3187, THE HINDU, Bangalore- 560001.

KAMMAVAR NAIDU, fair, 25/173, B.E., M.Sc., (UK) Industrialist seeks bride graduate well to do family. Send horoscope/ photo. Box No. CB-8635, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018. Email:

ANDHRITE, 34/174, B.Tech Officer, in all India financial institution, currently based at Cochin, seeks qualified preferably working smart girl. Caste/ state/ language no bar. Box No. KA1510, THE HINDU, Cochin-682016.

KURUMA, 28/168, M.B.A., Computers, working in America, seeks fair, goodlooking girl Kurum/ Yadava, P.G./ Degree, early marriage preferred, send details with photo. Box No. HY-197, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016.

GOWDA BOY 27/ 170 fair, MS Computer USA working in US. Well-to- do family visiting Hyd seeks alliance Gowda girl. Contact Cell: 9849097962.

BALIJA (GAVARA), B.E./31/175/10,000/-, Engineering College Lecturer, seeks bride, employed, Government/Bank/professionally qualified or bride from affluent family. Box No. HB4268, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

USA EMPLOYED, well qualified Balija, Software Consultant, 180/33, seeks Graduated, good complexioned girls, below-29. Subsect and unemployed no bar. Groom visiting November. Reply with horoscope and biodata. Box No. HB4269, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA PARENTS invite bride, employed, Government/ private, preferably Coimbatore based for ITI CNC Programmer/ Operator, Moolam, 6000, 163/29/+2. Send horoscope Box No. CB4289, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

BALIJA NAIDU, Chithirai, B.Com./165/14,000, Central Govt. seeks suitable brides. Reply with biodata and full family particulars. Email: Box No. HB4306, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU TELUGU B.A.B.L., 32/170, established Shipping Business seeks affluent bride. Horoscope, photograph. Box No. HB-4312, THE HINDU,Chennai-600002.

KAPU B.E., MBA, 32/ 175, Manager, MNC seeks affluent Naidu, Professional. Correspond Photograph, horoscope. Box No. HB4309, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA, MALE, 29/ 168/ MBA, fair, H1 holder, working in US seeks suitably qualified H1 girl working in US/ Canada. Box No. DM34691, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KAMMAVAR, GREEN Card, 35/ 173/ Ph.D, Post-Doctorate, Vice- President- American Investment Bank, California, 150 thousand USD plus high incentives seeks US Visa Professionals/ Executives/ Doctors. Box No. DM34705, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. E-mail:

TELUGU YADAVA 30, 175 Cm, B.E, B.O.E, P.G.D.C.A, Assistant Engineer Private Concern, 10,000 Plus, Annual Benefits Seeks Professionally Qualified. Subsect no bar. Box No. CC27541, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Telugu Brahmin Boy, innocent divorcee, 28/ 174, Srivatsa, Rohini, handsome, fair, well qualified, Employed Software Engineer in USA. Tamil Brahmins may also respond. Apply with bio-data, horoscope, photo to Box No. HA35399, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE FROM Professionally qualified, broadminded, smart looking girl, Telugu Brahmin, Vaidiki, Kashyapasa Dhanista, 28/ 185, S.W. B.S. from U.S.A. working in Singapore. Horoscope, biodata, photograph to Syamala, 55, G.A. Sundale Apt., OS Borne Road, Ulsoor, Bangalore-42. Phone: 5063573.

6000 TELUGU Niyogi Brahmin, Kanvasa, P.G. 28, 165cms., working Video Engineer, good salary, Chennai, seeks goodlooking professionally qualified girl from same sect. Reply horoscope, photograph. Subba Rao, 627-F, 27th Street, Korattur, Chennai- 600080. 044-6231664.

TELUGU BRAHMIN, Nov. 1972, 175, fair, goodlooking, Moolam, income 20,000/-. Contact: 044-3761306, 98410 15554. Box No. HB 4181, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TELUGU BRAHMIN boy, slim, 31/182, B.Tech., MBA, M.S. (Comp.), working USA, Senior Software Engineer, well settled, clean habits, H1 Visa seeks alliance from well educated girls, slim, tall, attractive, below 28/ from Telugu Brahmin/ (1st Preference)/ south Indian Brahmin girls. Subsect no bar. Boy visiting India, December. Reply to: Box No. HA4277, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TELUGU BRAHMIN Bharadwaja, 175/24, Foreign PG Degree affluent family, own business requires suitable girl with modern outlook from decent family. Box No. HB-4320, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

GAJULU BALIJA Naidu, B.Sc., 30/172/8000, Moolam, 3rd padam, Govt. employed seeks slim graduate girl. No. 13, New No. 4, Venkataraman St., Alamelumangapuram, Madipakkam, Chennai-600091.

SUNNI SYED parents invite alliance for son, 27/178 cms, Network Admn. employed with HQ1, pass at Singapore - religious, fair Graduate girl, age 21/22, from respectable family. Early marriage. Send bio-data to Box No. HB4126, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

SUNNI MUSLIM, goodlooking, 25/180, well settled son of Doctor, seeks tall, fair, graduate religious minded girl. Call: (08574) 31133.

SUNNI MUSLIM, 29/165, Engineering Graduate, Design Engineer, employed in Riyadh/ Employer providing family visa. Salary Rs. 65,000 p.m. E-mail: Box No. HY-195, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016.

URDU SUNNI- Shaik parents' son, good natured, 25/ 180/ MS, IT Professional- Germany seeks fair looking graduate bride- B.E, below 22 from respectable and religious family. Phone: 044- 6280126/ Reply Email:

HINDU PARAYAR, Poosam, 29/170, MBBS, seeks fair, good looking, MBBS girl. A. Chelliah, Executive Engineer, 167A, Madhanagopalapuram, Perambalur-621212. Phone: 04328-77570.

DOCTOR BHMS, well settled, 29, attractive earning, Hindu Chettiar seeks Doctor girl, preferably homoeopathy. Contact with bio-data. R. Rajendran, No. 17, NGO Colony-II, Ganesa Nagar, Tuticorin-8. 0461-327750, 311511, 333399.

IAS OFFICER, 36 years, bachelor, Tamil, Adi Dravida, (Sambavar), no bar, Christians, willing for registered, social marriage can also apply. Box No. HB-4149, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

WELL SETTLED, well educated, Indian values, family looking for a professional,beautiful, fair, slim, tall, homely girl for their handsome, Indian born, U.S. Citizen boy, (Garg Gotra/June 1978/182), holding law and Engineering Degrees, working as a Lawyer in a Multi-National Law Firm, earning six figure income. Visiting India in Nov. E-mail or reply with biodata and photo (returnable) to P.O. Box 5493, Springfield, VA 22150, USA.

INDIAN MALE, 38/177, owner Health Company based U.K., seeking bride. Box No. HB-3848, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

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