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Tuesday, August 07, 2001

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The Almighty's quality of impartiality

CHENNAI, AUG. 7. The Supreme Being is described in the scriptures as the abode of countless auspicious qualities; but, these traits cannot be displayed to their advantage in His transcendental abode as the eternal and realised souls in that realm also possess the same virtues. It is similar to a lamp burning during noon when its light does not serve any purpose. So it is during His manifestations in the world that His qualities come to the fore for the benefit of the suffering. It was in this world that the king of elephants, Gajendra, called out for Him as the Primordial Being and beseeched Him to come to its rescue. Hence it became known to the world at large that the Lord comes to the rescue of His devotee who is in distress and also the fact that He is the cause of the entire manifestation.

In the case of Draupadi when all in the assembly including her five valiant husbands stood helpless when Dussasana started disrobing her, she could only turn to Lord Krishna for protection. To the wonder of all the assembled when she called out to Him as Govinda (meaning protector of His devotees) endless yards of cloth appeared to protect her modesty till he grew tired and abandoned his torment. Another instance which proved that the Almighty never forsakes His devotee when he surrenders to Him with faith is that of Vibhishana. Even though he surrendered to Rama, as he came from the enemy camp, the Lord need not have accepted him into His fold. He not only offered protection but also acknowledged him as His brother thus exemplifying His quality of compassion and love towards one and all without discrimination, said Paranur Sri Balakrishna Sastrigal in his discourse.

When he was listening to the exposition of the Bhagavata Purana, King Pareekshit asked Sage Suka, ``How did the Lord, who is alike to everyone and is the beloved friend of all created beings, kill the demons for the sake of Indra like a partial being? He who is the very embodiment of highest bliss could not have any selfish end to be served ...'' It was in answer to this query that the sage related the Lord's incarnation as Narasimha to highlight how a sterling devotee like Prahlada was born in the lineage of demons and yet to fulfil his word He manifested in the strange form of a man-lion so that the conditions of the boon obtained by Hiranyakasipu would not be violated, as well as His child devotee saved from his father's tyranny. The sage further pointed out that the Lord reciprocates the same sentiment shown to Him irrespective of the background.

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