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Tuesday, July 31, 2001

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God will not tolerate flouting of moral law

CHENNAI, JULY 31. Uncontrollable anger, acts of discrimination and the tendency to get disputes settled by show of force are some of the characteristics seen among a few, irrespective of their status in life or nobility of birth or their achievements in different fields. In a momentary impulse, unmindful of the consequences and also of the methods adopted, they will start attacking others. The author of the Mahabharata mentions how a warrior of repute indulged in a midnight massacre and destroyed the foes. In a fit of frenzy, he killed even five children to display his revenge against those who, he believed were responsible for killing his father. He had learnt how to use a missile that could reduce the world to rubble and had obtained a jewel which could guard him against weapons, diseases and hunger. (Only one other warrior could equal him, as he too possessed a similar arrow). His intention was to please his friend who was in throes of death, having been assaulted in the Kurukshetra war. ``Evil flourished on retaliation'' and this wicked man was Ashwathama, son of the mighty teacher in archery. The Pandavas and Draupadi who were grieved at this gruesome crime of Ashwathama decided to wipe him out but Krishna who was aware of the latter's capacity, urged Arjuna just to neutralise the effect of the deadly missile used by the former. It was then that Ashwathama took a blade of grass, uttered certain incantations and sent it across his foes, saying: ``May the world be Pandava- less''. Later, it entered the womb of the wife of Abhimanyu and killed the growing child. At one stage, Ashwathama had the audacity to suggest that the divine discus held by the Lord be exchanged for his own `Astra'.

For once, Krishna became furious and called Ashwathama as the most contemptible of all creatures born. ``I will give life to the child'' and the Lord (in human form) cursed him that he would have to wander in this world all alone, for a very long time, without a single companion and without a loving word from anyone. This child (that would survive) would rule the world as the descendant of the Pandavas. (He was later known as Parikshit). In his lecture, Sri. K.P. Arivanandam said Ashwathama represented evil that submerged righteousness, even though he was the only son of a scholar and was aware of the rules of just warfare, he relentlessly repeated his unpardonable deeds, unimaginable in the history of mankind. Here is an example of a person who butchered even children little realising that the code of ethics should not be violated and that God will not tolerate deliberate flouting of the moral law even after being warned about the results.

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