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Tuesday, July 31, 2001

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Tania holds Bhagyashree

By Abhijit Sen Gupta

VISAKHAPATNAM, JULY 30. Bhagyashree Thipsay with 6.5 points after eight rounds continued to maintain her lead in the YMCA 28th National `B' women's chess championship at the YMCA premises here on Monday. Close on her heels with six points each were Dolan Champa Bose, Anupama Gokhale, Tania Sachdev, Saheli-Dhar Barua, Safira Shahnaz and Sai Meera Ravi.

Tania did well to draw with two strong rivals. In the morning she drew with Bhagyashree Thipsay and in the evening against Anupama Gokhale. The match against Anupama was a Queens Gambit accepted opening wherein both players reached an early end game situation by the 16th move. Tania made a slight error and lost a pawn but Anupama in turn faltered to let slip the advantage. The game ended in a draw after 55 moves.

Bhagyashree was held to a draw by Dolan Champa Bose in a French advance opening. Initially Bhagyashree had an advantage and put tremendous pressure on the kingside. All of Dolan's pieces were tied down in defending her king. Dolan tried a queenside attack which did not come off. But thereafter Bhagyashree's attack also lost momentum and the game eventually ended in a draw.

In the morning session Anupama chalked up an important win over Saheli-Dhar Barua. Saheli-Dhar playing white made a cautious start but after the 13th move Anupama managed to wrest the initiative. Saheli-Dhar continued to defend as best as she could but her position grew weaker as Anupama came up with brilliant combinations. Anupama was also quick to capitalise upon a few weak moves by Saheli-Dhar. Anupama eventually won in 42 moves and consolidated her position.

Dolan also moved up with a win over Amrutha Mokal on the fifth board. Initially it was Dolan who made a hesitant start and her opponent playing black was quick to take the upper hand. In trying to improve her position, Dolan made some complicated moves which did not pay off. Finally a blunder by Amrutha which saw her lose the rook cost her the match.

The results: Eighth round: Bhagyashree Thipsay (6.5) drew with Dolan Champa Bose (6); Anupama Gokhale (6) drew with Tania Sachdev (6); J.E. Kavitha (5.5) lost to Saheli-Dhar Barua (6); Nisha Mohota (5.5) drew with Eesha Karwade (5.5); Pallavi G. Shah (5.5) drew with M.R. Sangeetha (5.5); Sai Meera Ravi (6) bt N. Vinuthna (5); C. Delphin (5) lost to Safira Shahnaz (6); Purabhi Singha (5) drew with H. Nilavoli (5.5); Saheli Nath (4.5) lost to Shraddha Samani (5.5); S. Sujatha (4.5) lost to Swathi Mohota (5.5).

E. Sheena (5) drew with N. Sandhya (5) Amrutha Mokal (5) drew with Y. Pratibha (5); Anoori Shah (4) lost to D. Harika (5.5); P. Lakshmi Sahiti (4) lost to Sreeparna Chakrabarthy (5); N. Raghavi (4) lost to P. Priya (5); P. Malarselvi (4.5) drew with Nabeela Farheen (4.5); Arpi Shah (4.5) drew with M. Rajadarshini (4.5); I. Ramyakrishna (4.5) drew with Baisakhi Das (4.5); Bindu K. Saritha (4.5) drew with T. Venela (4.5); B.S. Keerthi (4) lost to Ch. Kavitha (5).

Anuprita Patil (5) bt S.R. Radha (4); C.V. Rajalakshmi (4.5) drew with Pooja Rathod (4.5); Alka Das (4) lost to Kruthika Nadig (5); D. Minu (4) drew with Mugda Dolas (4.5); Kajri Choksi (3.5) lost to Kiran Agarwal (4.5); Niharika Thakkar (4.5) bt V.K. Sindhu (3.5); Nazia Nona (4) drew with Sivasankari (4); P. Sudha (3.5) lost to Sowmya Swaminathan (4.5); K. Praneetha (3.5) lost to T.T. Lakshmi Priya (4.5); K. Chandrahasa (4) bt R. Sharanya (3).

Prasanna (3) lost to T. Aravinda Lochani (4); Meena Fotta (3.5) drew wth P. Uthara (3.5); Shahzabeen (3.5) drew with Dhayani Dave (3.5); Sonam Shah (3) lost to P.V. Nirmala (4); Anjana Sowjanya (3.5) drew with S. Kavitha (3.5); Pampa Dasgupta (4) bt P. Sushmitha (3); Abha Thakur (4) bt N. Manojna (3); Pubali Goswami (3) lost to B.K. Srivani (4); Junmoni Gogoi (3) lost to M. Sailaja (4); M. Sindhu (2.5) lost to Pranjali Chandrate (3.5).

Mrunalini (3.5) bt Jyohi Nishad (2.5); K. Sindhu (2.5) lost to K. Nayana (3.5); Vidya Fotta (2.5) lost to Jaya Arunmathi (3.5); N. Jahanavi (2) lost to Tripthi Soni (3); Amrutha Varshini (2) lost to K.P. Palavi Maiya (3); Sasi Prabha Singh (2) lost to G. Madanasari (3); Vandana (1.5) lost to B. Lakshmi Keerthi (2.5); Manisha Singh (2.5) bt K. Sasikala (1); B. Ramadevi (1) lost to S. Latha (2).

Seventh round: Tania Sachdev (5.5) drew with Bhagyashree Thipsay (6); Saheli-Dhar Barua (5) lost to Anupama Gokhale (5.5); Eesha Karwade (5) drew with Pallavi G. Shah (5); M.R. Sangeetha (5) drew with Sai Meera Ravi (5); Dolan Champa Bose (5.5) bt Amrutha Mokal (4.5); Shraddha Samani (4.5) lost to J.E. Kavitha (5.5); Baisakhi Das (4) lost to Nisha Mohota (5); Safira Shahnaz (5) bt C.V. Rajalakshmi (4); P. Priya (4) lost to N. Vinuthna (5); S.R. Radha (4) lost to C. Delphin (5).

H. Nilavoli (5) bt Nabeel Farheen (4); D. Harika (4.5) drew with Purabhi Singha (4.5); M. Rajadarshini (4) drew with Anoori Shah (4); I. Ramyakrishna (4) drew with Arpi Shah (4); V.K. Sindhu (3.5) lost to S. Sujatha (4.5); Sowmya Swaminathan (3.5) lost to E. Sheena (4.5); Y. Pratibha (4.5) bt D. Minu (3.5); Swathi Mohota (4.5) bt Niharika Thakkar (3.5); Anuprita Patil (4) drew with Bindu K. Saritha (4); Kiran Agarwal (3.5) lost to N.Sandhya (4.5).

Sivasankari (3.5) lost to Saheli Nath (4.5); Pooja Rathod (4) drew with Krutika Nadig (4); Sreeparna Chakravarthy (4) bt Abha Thakur (3); Ch. Kavitha (4) bt Shahzabeen (3); T. Venela (4) bt B.K. Srivani (3); B.S. Keerthi (4) bt Junmoni Gogoi (3); P. Malarselvi (4) bt P.V. Nirmala (3); T. Aravinda Lochani (3) lost to P. Lakshmi Sahiti (4); Mugda Dolas (3) bt Prasanna (3); Alka Das (4) bt P. Uthara (3).

R. Sharanya (3) lost to N. Raghavi (4); K.L. Praneetha (3.5) drew with Kajri Choksi (3.5); K. Nayana (2.5) lost to Nazia Nona (3.5); M. Sailaja (2.5) lost to P. Sudha (3.5); T.T. Lakshmi Priya (3.5) bt Jaya Arun Mathi (2.5); Anjana Sowjanya (3) drew with Sonam Shah (3); N. Manojna (3) drew with S. Kavitha (3); K.P. Pallavi Maiya (2) lost to K. Chandrahasa (3); Dhayani Dave (3) bt Sasi Prabha Singh (2); Pranjali Chandrate (2.5) drew with V. Mrunalini (2.5).

Jyothi Nishad (2.5) drew with M. Sindhu (2.5); P. Sushmitha (3) bt N. Jahanavi (2); Tripthi Soni (2) lost to Pubali Goswami (3); T. Amrutha Varshini (2) lost to Meena Fotta (3); G. Madanasri (2) lost to Pampa Dasgupta (3); Vidya Fotta (2) bt Vandana (1.5); K. Sindhu (2.5) bt B. Rama Devi (1); B. Lakshmi Keerthi (1.5) drew with Manisha Singh (1.5); K. Sasikala (1) bt S. Latha (1).

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