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Wednesday, April 04, 2001

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Talk of the Town

MEDIA DREAMS big. Always. With the clapboy constantly busy, Media Dreams has its hands full, preparing for the launches of their productions.

As we have already been informed, Little John comes first, with an expected Tamil New Year release. The movie which has foreigner Bentley Mitchum serenading with `our own' Jyothika, is going to be out in three languages: Hindi, Tamil and English, with three different groups of characters. After which, they've planned a nice n' proper comedy during the second week of May: Big Brother S.Ve Sekhar's `Krishna Krishna'. KK is actually the screen version of Sekhar's `Athirshtakaaran' that did very well on stage.

A serious subject family story dealing with the relationship between brothers, `Pandavar Bhoomi' is coming up next, canned by Cheran. That director, who seems to have managed to produce constant hits, is putting old wine Raj Kiran in a new bottle, all ready to be served. A July launch has been guaranteed. Pammal K Sambandam is next, with a Diwali release and Robot, starring Kamal in a scientific thriller, directed by Shankar will materialise in early 2002. No wonder then, Media Dreams has its hand full, selling dreams.

* * *

APART FROM his surprise appearance at the `Netru Indru Nalai' concert on Sunday, Aamir Khan also had a surprise revelation to make. As he came up on stage, he said: ``I am a huge fan of Revathy. She's such a sensitive artiste with expressive eyes. Revathy, I'm told you are directing a movie. What is it called?''

``It's called Mitr-my friend,'' came Revathy's answer.

``How come I am not in it,'' Aamir retorted, adding, ``Maybe next time then''. Revathy was thrilled, she said, ``Most definitely''. Aamir wasn't done with his compliments.``I have a confession to make here. What I am going to say in this song is something I have been wanting to say to Revathy for a very long time,'' he said before crooning `Aati Kya Khandala'.

``I am going to run away from here,'' said Revathy, but she joined him for the song anyway. Aamir went on a song, as he swept Revathy off her feet, doing the Khandala jig.At the end of it, Revathy was delighted. ``Thank you Aamir, it was amazing. I have never done this before on stage,'' she said.

The admiration was mutual.

* * *

PETS AND elections have absolutely nothing in common, one would think. But some people tend to relate the two at times.

A senior local body official recently wanted to admit his pet at the in-patient ward of the Madras Veterinary College Hospital, though the pet did not warrant admission. The reason - he was too busy with `election work' and it was difficult for him to look after his pet. The hospital authorities politely declined to accept the animal.

For a senior bureaucrat, both his official capacity and the huge size of his pet became a problem, and he wanted to give it away.

His influential job ensured that his pet got air-conditioned comfort, in a new home.

* * *

CHENNAI RESIDENTS who are willing to pay for A/C bus travel during the peak of summer will just have to wait - till the elections are over.

The air-conditioned and low-floor MTC buses that the Transport Minister flagged off with fanfare, were withdrawn a month later because the left hand of the Government did not know what the right was doing. The bus did not have the required permits.Now, the red tape has been cut and the bus is ready to roll again.

Citizens of Chennai, reeling under sweltering heat may be willing to pay Rs. 25 for air-conditioned comfort, but the MTC is simply not willing to issue a ticket. The elections are blamed by officials.

By Ramya Kannan, Akila Dinakar, S. Shanker and Sudhish Kamath.

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